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Tips on How to Control Blushing When You are Recognized in a Crowd or by Someone

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Winning the Miss Universe, getting the award for the best film director, getting picked for a promotion, accepting the valedictorian award, and coming home to a surprise party are situations that put a person in the spotlight for recognition. Whatever it is, at some point, we all have our own experiences like these ones. Nevertheless, not everyone enjoys it. For some people, stepping into that broad and bright spot for everyone’s attention is not their idea of a great experience as blushing related to social anxiety takes a toll on them.

The pressures of social anxiety are terrible and no one can fight them sitting down. My book “Blushing Breakthrough” shows a lot of effective ways to fight the battle against blushing brought about by social anxiety and Caroline, the tutor on the video “How to Control Blushing when You are Recognized in a Crowd or by Someone,” has some tips to help you deal with your blushing problems.

You are in the spotlight so pull it off. As Caroline explained, even though you are being recognized for something you’ve done well, the idea of people’s attention on you scares you like hell and overpowers your pride. You may feel that you have to say the right words or do the right thing to reinforce whatever is about you that is being recognized. This is the perfect way to blush uncontrollably. This is something you don’t want. Caroline shares that you have to stay calm and focused. You can even pretend, as she said, like everyone is in a clown suit. Lighten up. It’s your time to shine.

Dealing with blushing problems is not a battle to be fought alone and through my book, “Blushing Breakthrough,” I have shared ways that were proven to help blushers conquer the very thing they dread the most.


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